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   The best in Leather Art and saddles with a Theme! always on the road somewhere! 


 In saddlery and leather craft for over 45 years.

Was an apprentice in Canada,  worked as a pro for many years in the Netherland and for  11 years as a pro in America and Canada(2005-2016).

Showed together with the greatest in Loveland Co and the Rodeo Hall of Fame Colorado Springs Co and the Pro Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas NV.

Basic price for a Theme Saddle is $2500.00

What means that it will be 1/4 tooled

plus border design to your choice.

For example: The saddle showed at the left side on this page is half tooled and is sold for $3000.00 it is fully hand sewed, with sheepskin lining, HermanOak leather or same quality.

6 laces and a rawhide covered tree.

The saddle on top (right)is sold for $3000.00

The saddle on the right is one with an adjustable cantle special made for people with difficulties getting in the saddle. The Native Chief saddle is sold for $5000.00

Our basic price for a high grade plain work saddle with HermanOak leather and S.S.or brass hardware and real sheepskin lining light or dark oiled is $1950.00.

Also i am planning a program for those who want to help/made their own saddle under my watchful eye or together with me as a course leather crafter or saddle maker, ask for the different possibilities

Are you fascinated with the Old West and interested in learning the craft of saddle-making? please don't hesitate to ask for more information!!

Saddle making course

The basic course lasts for four weeks with my instruction given Monday through Saturday. In that time period, you will have as much hands-on training as you can handle, as I do not limit myself to eight-hour working days. You will build one saddle, for which I will teach you basic border tooling if you desire. At the end of the course, you will have a saddle that you can take out and ride and enjoy. You do need to realize that you will not become an expert in four weeks, but this course will provide you with a foundation which cannot be found in books or DVD courses.

You will start by preparing the saddletree. This is the framework on which your saddle will be built.

You will learn how to select the materials for your saddle and the difference in quality. Basic tools used in saddle making, caring for those tools and where to purchase them will be discussed.

You will learn how to develop patterns and how to make your own patterns. Then you will learn about cutting leather and applying it to your tree.

You will learn what constitutes a good saddle; not only one that is pleasing to the eye, but one that is structurally sound and fit you and your horse.

You will learn the differences between types of saddles and difference in rigging types.

I will teach you many practical tips that I have developed over more than 40 years so you will know what works and what does not and why.

By the end of the month, you will have much hands-on experience. To help you retain as much as possible, my advice to you is to bring a notebook and camera. Once you have completed the course, you can contact me at any time to help you with whatever problem might arise.

The fee for the basic course is $3,500 (saddle included)

If you want to build another western saddle (or tack) that you will take home with you, what takes another 2 weeks. This training will be all hands-on work and you will enhance and reinforce the skills you previously learned.

The fee for this two-week following course is $1,500

This all can be done for people from all over Europe.

People from overseas have to put in their costs for travel tickets.

Bed and meals are included!!